Helpful Hints

A little certainty in uncertain times.


Being diagnosed with cancer means being thrust into a world of uncertainty. In addition to your physical concerns, which are significant, you have a lot of questions, doubts and even fears that impact all aspects of life.” How will I manage my treatments?” “How will my family cope with my condition?” “Do I have enough insurance coverage to see me through?” The questions are practically endless. At UCS, we are sympathetic to your needs and those of your family.  We are equipped to meet those needs with a wealth of support services.

In addition to providing the latest, most advanced cancer treatments available, we provide counseling, support groups and activities to help you cope with issues you may have. We offer a unique Supportive Care and Rehabilitative Medicine program and work with Utah Cancer Foundation to coordinate education and support for patients and families.  These services address emotional issues and the physical rigors of cancer, including stress, depression, pain, anxiety, weight change, body image, sexual function and other relevant topics. We also have the resources to arrange for hospice and comfort care when appropriate.

Friends and Loved Ones

The affects of cancer extend beyond those who are diagnosed. Your life will be forever changed as you support your family member or loved one in his or her journey. You will have a profound impact on the way your loved one copes with cancer. We encourage you to do all you can to support and help your patient. But remember, as you work to encourage and help your loved one, you will need to take care of yourself as well.

Find your own circle of support. The realities of cancer can make communication difficult. It’s hard to address the fears, anger, changes and needs that accompany a cancer diagnosis.  What you feel and what you need are viable and deserve to be addressed.  You can better support your loved one if you have a supportive network too.

Your understanding can go a long way toward strengthening your loved one. At Utah Cancer Specialists, we support you in your efforts. Our patient advocates can help guide you toward resources that will help both your loved one and you.