Higher Quality Oncology Care through OCM

Utah Cancer Specialists has been selected as one of only 200 physician group practices and 17 health insurance companies to participate in a special Medicare program called Oncology Care Model, or OCM. This complimentary program has been designed to provide patients with better-coordinated and higher quality cancer care.

Through OCM, patients are free to choose any health care provider and Medicare rights and protections remain the same. Practices participating in the Oncology Care Model will provide treatment following nationally recognized clinical guidelines for beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy, with an emphasis on person-centered care.

These personalized services may include:

  • Coordinating appointments with providers within and outside the oncology practice to ensure timely delivery of diagnostic and treatment services;
  • Arranging for diagnostic scans and follow up with other members of the medical team such as surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists that support the beneficiary through their cancer treatment;
  • Making sure that data from scans, blood test results and other tests are received in advance of patient appointments so that patients do not need to schedule additional visits;
  • Providing 24/7 access to care when needed;
  • Providing access to additional patient resources such as emotional support groups, pain management services and clinical trials that may offer cutting-edge therapy not available elsewhere.
  • A “Survivorship Plan” that summarizes treatment and contains information on recommended follow-up action, as well as risk reduction and health promotion suggestions.
  • A summary of the total cost for all cancer-related services – regardless of who is paying the bill.

Medicare Patients: Make sure to keep your provider up to date on the medications and supplements you are taking, as well as when you stop or start taking anything new so they can give you the best care possible.