A Team Approach to Cancer Treatment

We understand cancer treatment is a highly personal journey, uniquely different for each patient. It is a journey filled with many decisions and possible directions.

The cancer specialists, oncologists and supporting staff at Utah Cancer Specialists are united in a singular focus: to help our patients find a clear path to hope and healing. Our goal is to support our patients and their families with the latest cancer treatment options, education and support services that address the physical and emptional impact of cancer care.

This team approach provides you with the wisdom, training and experience unique to each individual team member.  Together, we will provide a carefully coordinated, multidisciplinary treatment plan to ensure you get the best possible care for your cancer.

Cancer is Not a Solo Journey

One of the benefits of community-based care is there are others around you that are either currently going through or have gone through cancer treatment. No one understands what you’re going through better than cancer survivors and the care givers who help patients every day.

Besides the physical effects of cancer and treatment, there are also the psychological and emotional effects that can be difficult to manage on your own. Consider a support group or other organized programs to answer questions and concerns you might have. Use these various resources as one way to help you and your family through the challenges with friends and advocates at your side.

Programs and Services

Living a healthier life can make treatment more effective. Our services include educational classes and group instruction for topics including nutrition, gentle movement, group support and more.

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Educational Resources

We provide resources to further educate you and your loved ones about your cancer type, treatments and support options.

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Patient Advocacy

Your patient advocates will assist you in coordination of all insurance benefits and resources so you can focus on your cancer treatment. Where necessary, they also arrange financial assistance. They will help guide you to emotional support and education.

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UCS Patient Portal

Utah Cancer Specialists offers secure and instant access to your Personal Health Record (PHR), which includes information about your diagnosis, medications, and lab results.

In addition to your Personal Health Record, you will find educational resources on the various treatment options, cancer related articles, community resources and online support and discussion groups.

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