“We’re not going to simply weather the storm. We’re advancing cancer care in our clinics…”


Newly Implemented
Connecting with your physician through Telehealth. (when appropriate)

Health agencies are asking people either to stay home or at least practice social distancing and stay away from crowds and public areas, however, patients who are undergoing treatment might not have the luxury to follow this completely. Utah Cancer Specialists had established a Telehealth System for existing patients, who need to be seen for a follow-up appointment.

A shift to virtual and home-based care during this crisis will help minimize the risk of exposure for high-risk people in this community, without disruption in care.

This new system allows patients to speak to and be assessed by their physician and advanced care Practitioner, through their smartphone or tablet.

Rest assured the staff has provided direct and simple instructions on how to connect to your physician.

You will receive notification of your scheduled visit, with connection instructions.

The process is simple- Your clinic will send you a clickable link to your smartphone, tablet or email. It’s that easy!


Following are many of the questions and concerns of patients using Telehealth:

What equipment do you need to do a telehealth visit?

patients will need a computer or smartphone with an integrated camera AND microphone. If your device doesn’t have a built-in microphone or webcam, you’ll need to get those. You also need a decent internet connection that allows you to stream. You will also need to have access to your email or text.

  • Note: if you decide to use a smartphone; you must be at home. We cannot conduct the visit if they are in a public place.

What kind of appointments will now be a telehealth visit?

6-month or 1 year follow up appointments OR any visit preapproved by the clinician.

  • Note: this service is not available to patients currently on active treatment unless approved by a physician/nurse practitioner.

IF you are not very tech-savvy.

It is a simple process and can be used for all age groups. If you have skyped or face timed anyone, then you can understand how easy this may be. Doing a virtual doctor’s visit is just as simple. The clinic will send a link via email or by text. Click the link and you are in.

Can a prescription be filled from the visit?

Yes! all insurances are covering this service. Video appointments are treated the same as a regular office visit and may result in a copay.

What to do if you have a technical issue?

Contact the clinic of your oncologist, if you have any issues.